ModuChim Acupuncture Stimulator


The acupuncture stimulator ModuChim is a device for self-application where no specific knowledge about the acupuncture points is needed. Thus, by a simple application of the acupuncture stimulator you are able to maintain your ideal wellbeing in a natural way.

The device contains three different energies (ion energy, infrared and magnetic waves) which are emitted combined with the minerals tourmaline and germanium.

Four needles with 1000 Gauss each emit magnetic waves which together with anions and infrared waves (invisible wavelength region) are supplied to the human or faunal body in order to solve blockades. With the help of the magnetic needles and the contained energies the energy channels in the body get stimulated. This stimulation is important for a recovery of the vitality and for a release of physical blockades.

chi01The mineral tourmaline creates infrared waves and bioelectricity also known as bioenergy. Germanium is known for its detoxing properties and the removal of metabolic products. The ion energy as an anion source has a positive impact on the cell division process in the organism. Therefore, the vegetative nervous system and the resilience of the immune system are improved.